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Here is a sticky post, designed to serve as an index of topics to help you navigate this blog. I’ll try and do my best to make navigation easier with categories and tags, but it can still be overwhelming. So I’ll use this sticky as a place to hold relevant links. 


My Groups

Kindle Vella Authors Group – I co-mod this Instagram group with Mae MacCullum. Kindle Vella Authors of any genre who are interested in talking about marketing and learning new ways to grow their platform using Kindle Vella can send the group a DM and ask to join. This is a great group for beginners to join. Note: You must follow and send a DM to the group to join. There are group rules to read before joining. If I send you the DM, Instagram assumes I’m a spammer and you will never see it. 

Kindle Vella Horror Authors – Horror authors writing for Kindle Vella who are interested in marketing can apply to join the KVHA, a private Discord server. This is another great beginners group for individuals that want to coordinate marketing efforts with fellow horror authors. 


GSA  – Goals. Strategy. Action. This Mastermind group is invite only.  





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Note: My goal is to find and provide the best marketing information for authors and share it for free. To help offset hosting costs, this website occasionally uses affiliate links. That means if you click on certain links or images and make purchases, I may receive a small portion of the sale (at no cost to you.) You can always go direct to the source if you’re opposed to using the affiliate link. I will only discuss things that I use and love, and it’s more important to me that you use the best tool or resource for the job than whether or not I make a few cents for clicking a link. 

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