Newsletter Ninja #6

Newsletter Ninja Book

Hello! I’m so sorry that this post is so late, but I’ve had quote a lot going on the last few weeks. Here is what the last mission was:

Your assigned reading is Chapter Nine – Your Perfect Subscriber by April 27th.

Your mission is to sit down and create your sign up form. Where will you put it?
Do you use lists, tags or segmenting? How has it worked for you? If you haven’t tried them yet, can you see yourself using them? How will you use them?

How did you do with your sign up form?

The next chapter to read was chapter nine, Your Perfect Subscriber. During that chapter, Tammi talks about a common marketing tool, which is to create an avatar.
If you haven’t created a reader avatar yet, now is a good time to start. You can use your avatars to create your advertising and promo pieces to cater to your reader avatars. And then, you can use the reader avatars to create the newsletter avatar that Tammi talks about in the book. (For more information about creating a reader avatar, you can google “customer avatars” and find loads of articles on the subject.)
Once you take the time to create the ideal subscriber avatar, I personally think it makes composing newsletter much easier. You are suddenly not writing an email that will be read by hundreds or thousands, but just one person. Writing an email to one person allows you to be more personable, more relatable.

Your assigned reading is Chapter Ten – Strategies vs Tactics by May 18th.

Your mission is to sit down and create your ideal reader avatar(s) and ideal subscriber avatar.

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