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Your mission last time was: Chapter Ten – Strategies vs Tactics.

Your mission is to sit down and create your ideal reader avatar(s) and ideal subscriber avatar.

How did you do? It can be difficult to think about who your ideal reader might be, but it’s very helpful for creating promotions and marketing. Once you have a picture in your head, you’re not spouting a hundred different tag lines into the air and hoping something sticks. You write a tag line designed to turn the head and hold the attention of your ideal reader, and that’s so much more effective than trying to write copy that appeals to all readers.

In Chapter Ten, Tammi talks about the differences between strategies and tactics, and to be honest, this is probably my favorite chapter. How did you like it? Have you tried to break down your strategy into effective tactics?

I’m leaving for Vegas next week, but I’ll make the next post when I get back. The next chapter to read is Chapter Eleven – Organic List Building.

While you read, if you haven’t sat down and thought about strategies for your marketing, try to give that a go this week. Once you have the strategy, try to break it down into actionable steps to achieve it (tactics).

Feel free to share your lists here!

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