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Your mission last time was: Chapter Twelve – Straight Up Bribes.

She finally dives into the topic of cookies (bribes) which is the basis for an entire sequel.

To start with, you definitely need the right KIND of cookie to appeal to the readers that you’re hoping to attract. If you typically write sci-fi, this isn’t the time for an experimental sweet romance piece. You absolutely need the cookie to align with everything else that you write.

She goes on to make the point that it needs to be a good cookie, as in, a complete experience. Sample chapters just don’t really cut it. I know that we give 3 free in Vella, but we aren’t asking them to hand us over their email address in Vella, either (I wish!) A short story works, and as long as whatever you decide on has a beginning, a middle and an end. There is a good point made about giving away the first book in a series as well, so definitely make sure to read that part over carefully.

You also need to take into account how you will deliver your cookie. I use Bookfunnel which collects the email addresses until you have time to import them into your subscriber list, but they also have an upgrade which will integrate those subscribers directly into your list, too. Sine I have Sendfox, and literally no one integrates with them, I have not upgraded, lol.

So do you have a bribe aka a cookie? Tell us about it in the comments! Do you need help thinking of a good cookie to use? Confused about Bookfunnel? Comment below (or message me, is fine.)

The next chapter is Chapter 13 – Engagement. Due to a small snafu, I’ve already made the video discussion post for that one, so I’m going to post it next. So you’ll want to read Chapter 13 – Engagement and Chapter 14 – Deliverability for the next post which will be on Wednesday June 15


See you then!

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