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Good morning! No dorky video today, it’s 6 AM and I’m just not feelin’ it. But I am feeling Chapter 15 – Building Relationships.

In this chapter Tammi really hammers home the idea that you’re first objective is to locate your fans, get them onto their list, and then build a relationship with them. To quote the book: “Not everyone who buys one of your books will become a lifelong fan, but your lifelong fans will buy all of your books.”

So how do you get to know your subscribers? Tammi advises against asking yes/no questions, but a yes/no poll can be a good ice breaker to get subscribers to start responding. You can build up the interactivity over time.

Next up is Chapter 16 – Delivering Value. I’ll put up the discussion post on Wednesday June 29th. (I really will, because I’m gonna write it right now, ha ha.)

Until then, let’s discuss. What did you think of Chapter 15? Have you started implementing her advice? If not, how do you plan to start?

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