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  • Newsletter Ninja #6

    Hello! I’m so sorry that this post is so late, but I’ve had quote a lot going on the last few weeks. Here is what the last mission was: Your assigned reading is Chapter Nine – Your Perfect Subscriber by April 27th. Your mission is to sit down and create your sign up form. Where […]

  • Newsletter Ninja #5

    Hello! Hopefully by now you’ve read Chapter Eight – The Sign-Up Process and you completed last week’s mission. If you forgot here it is again: Your mission is to sit down and think what experience you want the new reader to have, and the impression you want them to have of you. Rough draft your […]

  • Newsletter Ninja #4

    Hello! Hopefully by now you’ve read Chapter Seven – The First Date and you completed last week’s missions. If you forgot here they are again: Designing the sequence You have TWO missions this week: FIRST, make sure you have your newsletter sign up everywhere you want it to be. Twitter, instagram, your Linktree, website, etc. […]

  • Newsletter Ninja #3

    Your mission last week was to check out email providers and choose one, testing it thoroughly. If you forgot that part of the mission, go ahead and subscribe to your newsletter now. Is it easy to subscribe. What are the message like that are being sent? Are they written in your own voice, or did […]

  • Newsletter Ninja #2

    Hello and welcome to our first discussion post about Newsletter Ninja. Your assignment was to read the first five chapters. To reiterate the philosophy put forth in Chapter 4—the primary purpose of our newsletters should be to build superfans: “people who don’t just love a book you wrote, but also love you, and subsequently love […]